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"I absolutely loathe shopping for big occasions as I can never find anything that actually fits me. I have a seriously curvy figure and evening dresses just don't have enough up top to cover me up! I tend to work myself into a flap and end up buying something granny-like in exasperation.

Mercedes from StyleMode took me out shopping in the evening, as I was really busy with work so I couldn't in the daytime. She had researched loads of options before I arrived and knew what I wanted from the consultation we had a few day before over a coffee. Within 25 minutes I was in a changing room trying on styles and colours I would have usually ignored. Although I was reluctant at first, I had to admit that she was right when she insisted I should try on several different options, to see which ones suited me. She sorted out the dresses into an elegant order rather than my usual car crash changing room and was on hand for those tricky zips too.

It turns out I can wear halter neck dresses and for the first time in my life I felt empowered, not anxious, when they rung it through the till.


And if, like me, you were not only worried about what you would end up wearing, but also how much the whole thing would cost, well here is the good bit. The dress she helped me select was reduced from £129 to £69 and I already owned a pair of shoes that would match. When I think of what I could have blown on a disaster outfit, she actually saved me a fortune!

I will definitely be using StyleMode again!"

Janice - Ticket Sales Supervisor. London

"I was desperately looking for a summer dress before my appointment with StyleMode and I couldn't find anything. All the dresses I had tried didn't fit or I thought that they were too casual. It was a nightmare and for that reason I asked Mercedes from StyleMode to help me. We had an initial chat where she asked me what I was looking for and a couple of days later she took me to the same shops I had been before. I couldn't believe the wonderful dresses they had. I had been in the same shop but had not seen any of those dresses! She also suggested to me to try some different colours like khaki which I thought didn't suit me but it turned to be great for my complexion. Thanks to StyleMode I have a wonderful new summer dress and three very stylish new tops".

Marisa Felder - Operations Executive, London

"I needed to buy some new stuff for work. I work in an office with a, “business casual” dress code so there is quite a lot of freedom but also scope for getting it wrong. I’m pursuing promotion so need to adhere to “dress for the job you want not the job that you have”, and was getting a bit stuck. I was put in touch with Mercedes by Janice, previous user of her personal shopping services."

I was sent a form to complete and then met Mercedes over coffee to discuss further my requirements and preferences etc. We then embarked on the shopping trip at Westfield. Mercedes took me to shops that I’ve heard other people rave about but whenever I’ve gone in on my own have never found anything that I considered worth trying on let alone buying. With Mercedes that was a different story. She was especially good at explaining what could go well together and visualising that a garment on a hanger would look good on and so selecting items that I definitely would not have picked myself from the shop floor. I ended up buying one skirt, two dresses, and a pair of trousers and have had loads of compliments when I’ve worn these".

The experience was added to by Mercedes being personable, running from changing room to shop floor to get different sizes and items to go with what I was trying on to see the full effect and options, helping me with the tricky engineering of one dress (it had tie round sashes and can be worn several ways) and her good rapport with the shop assistants. She listened, was conscious of my budget and made shopping fun".  

Victoria Iles - Assistant Manager, London

"General: Mercedes is an excellent, time-efficient stylist who you can rely on to source and advise you on clothing and accessories that work perfectly for your shape and for any occassion. I highly recommend her services for her sharp/keen eye for style, functionality and design and for helping you to find quality clothes you'll love, feel good in and want to wear for years to come.

Practical approach: Mercedes listened carefully to my requirements, providing written details and urls for designers and looks from a number of stores in and around London. She then gave me the option to either browse the selections myself, or have her accompany me to the stores. I opted for the latter, recognising the added value of having a professional stylist by my side.

Time-saving: Mercedes had already picked out a number of different items from a range of designers (from Lang to Westwood through to Maison Margiela and Etro) all of which fitted beautifully and would make excellent cost-effective investments suitable for a number of occassions for many years. She also provided a number of alternative looks (from dresses to trousers suits) which met my brief perfectly. Items I would have overlooked.

Good match: Mercedes can be relied on to provide options that suit YOUR budget, shape and style what ever the occassion/season. And she will provide plenty of options for accessories for a complete look.She knows style and fashion and is very professional (even keeping shop assistants as bay) so you can trust her to keep you on track and get the job done for you!"

Tanya Palmer- Business Owner, 40 years, London/Kent

"The highlight was a shopping trip with Mercedes the style consultant. The first step was to fill in and return the questionnaire about what styles and colours you prefer, together with the usual stuff about size and age, together with the anticipated budget.

The plan was to meet in the cafe at Debenhams to discuss the plan of attack before launching into an assault on the various concessions and shops. Mercedes had already done a reconnaissance trip, and had thoughtfully reserved clothes for me to try on. So up to the Warehouse brand in Debenhams to try on 8 pieces. Tried all the pieces on, Mercedes went and got a couple of different sizes, and half an hour later I had 3 new pieces superbly matched and compatible with my existing wardrobe and exactly the right size. Repeated the exercise at a few more stores, and I am now delighted with the clothes we chose, their fit, and their style.

Also picked out a few accessories, and got some good tips about what to do and what not to do when accessorising.
The best thing was that we achieved in 2 hours what would have taken me days, and I would have agonised and made hopeless choices by myself.
Verdict 5***** everyone should have a stylist!"

Jeanette, Australia